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EGON von VIETINGHOFF 1903-1994

Egon von Vietinghoff, about 1988 Creative Artist

Author of specialized books

Painting Philosopher

Creator of a Foundation

The revision and completion of the website is in process.

Introduction (also for download)

* First information with pictures on 4 pages

Christine Wettstein We mourn our friend and board member

Christine Wettstein

Born: February 14th, 1939
Died: April 21rst, 2017

Latest activities on the website

Bellflowers, meadowsweet, toadflax, red berries bouquet * New layout, technically more stable with more illustrations (phase 1 - 4 completed)

* NEW 2017 / 2018: Chapters Work and Comparisons and sub-chapter Anecdotes and 2 Forewords to the manuscript The Nature of Visual Arts

* Completion of several chapters, particularly "Conrad, his father"

* Introduction Timeless Art in Modern Times First information on 4 pages with pictures (also for download)

* 30 English painting descriptions in the gallery. Also offered in 2 digests, each at 15 descriptions

* upload of about 60 more drawings and etchings

* More details of the oil paintings in the online gallery

* More links in chapter "Links"

* Subchapter "Board members" in chapter "Foundation" updated due to personal changes

* The Multimedia Slide Show (in German only) is now available on the first site of the English version as well. We apologize the quality of colors, unfortunately not possible to improve for the time being.

' Resumption of the translations into French

In process

Cherries with leaves # Re-calculation of the statistics and completion of the chapter Statistics

# Completion of the chapter Comparisons

# Translation of missing texts in "Jeanne de Vietinghoff"

# The re-upload of the reviewed downloads in pdf-ormat of some chapters.

# Userfriendlier gallery portal

# First newsletter in English